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Along a busy corridor in the subway station beneath Times Square, perpetually unemployed pastor Brian and his partner Shawn set up a makeshift ministry of two folding tables, vowing to remain 24 hours a day, seven days a week until the Rapture. Controversy begins when Brian takes a fancy to a pious Columbia graduate student named Kaitlin, jeopardizing his recent marriage to congregation member Rose. As Brian becomes increasingly unreliable, Shawn, a recent kidney transplant recipient, is routinely stranded alone at the ministry for days on end. As discord grows and religious notions are turned askew, life at the ministry illustrates the overlap between unquestioning faith and unexamined motivations.

In June 2007, documentary photographer Dennis W. Ho began taking pictures at the ministry as a story pitch to a newspaper. Three years later, his robust debut film cut from over 350 hours of raw footage offers an intimate rabbit hole journey through a small world tucked deep in the folds of New York City. A timeless story of human flaws and pedestrian wisdom, Subway Preacher provides a bridge between documentary and narrative cinema, revealing in microcosm a modern day parable.